What is the biggest selling game of 2017

Biggest selling game of 2017

Up to now the biggest selling game of 2017 is Ghost Recon: Wildlands by Ubisoft, made in two versions for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 1. It becomes the second fastest-selling Tom Clancy game ever, after The Division. The Ghosts who are an elite US special forces team get sent behind enemy lines to do as much damage as they can in the hope that this will destabilize and break the alliance between the corrupt government and the cartel. They are faced with the enemy in a huge hostile environment and will have to fight some tough battles and make some very difficult choices if they are to successfully complete their mission.

This game was released on 7 March 2017 and has however, had very mixed reviews and only managed to score 6 out of 10 on the Metro Game Central site. Surprising then that it has reached the position of biggest selling game, it obviously has its fans, maybe people that have played earlier Ghost Recon games, and like a game that they are somewhat familiar with.

The game is set in Bolivia which for the purpose of the story has become the largest producer of cocaine in the world. The violent Santa Blanca drug cartel has turned the country into a state full of fear, ruthlessness and violence. The US elite special operations team The Ghost are sent in to restore order and defeat both the cartel and the corrupt government which allows them to flourish. You have total freedom of choice over game moves and you could gain unexpected gains or threats depending on which move you make. This probably goes some way in explaining why this new game Is so popular despite its critics. The potential triumph of good over evil is a very appealing concept to many game players and especially when a good amount of evil and violence are thrown in and the players are able to choose which way they will go.

The appeal of this kind of role playing has long played a part in the popularity of this type of game, and even though this game has been described by some as mediocre and fairly predictable the fans of the Ghost Recon games have remained loyal which has obviously had a big impact on the position this game has reached in the selling stakes, and is a fact that its creators were most likely aware of when they brought it out.

I guess to sum up I would have to say that the popularity and selling potential of any new game can partly be based on the loyalty of the fans of earlier games in the series, and also partly based on the need for some familiarity with the roles and moves within the game. I suppose it would be fair to say that in the gamers world familiarity makes for more sales, even for a game that if it stood alone, would maybe not do so well.

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