What are the top 3 selling consoles of 2017

What are the top three selling consoles of 2017?

We give you a quick run down of the best selling consoles of the year in our short guide:

1) Sony PS4 Pro

It is the latest console from Sony and it is a must for anyone who is a keen Sony follower. You should also consider the Sony PS4 Slim also. The console is capable of 4k video outputs which many will find appealing. It is also able to output HDR video. This is because of the GPU featured in the top of the league console. Most excitingly, the 4K is not just limited to playback for video, although it is likely that most games used on the console will be upscaled.

However, there is no 4K blu-ray disc drive, which is a bit of a shame. It has a fantastically big hard disk at 1TB.

The Microsoft Xbox One S

This is soon to be replaced with the 4K scorpio project that Microsoft has been promising, although the One S remains a top console from Microsoft at the moment.

It is much smaller and lighter than the previous Xbox and it has an in built power unit which is great. There is even bigger storage than the Sony rival, at 2TB. The Xbox one does support 4k resolution, but unfortunately this is only for playback also unlike the Sony. Perhaps it is worth waiting for Scorpio.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has launched its latest console which is quite unusual. It is a hybrid, if you like, its kind of a handheld and a home console in one. You are able to connect it to a TV on a large screen but you are also able to take it with you on the go as high end handheld computer. There are various configurations for it to.

Of the three reviewed here, the Nintendo Switch is the console that has been released most recently. This means that it is the slimmest. However, if you want a huge range of games as soon as you have a console, then the Nintendo is probably not the pick of the bunch for you. However, that said it is the only console on which you can find yourself playing the latest of the Mario releases and Zelda releases. Nonetheless, it is a great console.

Making the right decision is always difficult when it comes to the latest games consoles. A lot of it is simply down to personal preference. Many people favour a particular brand and simply go with that one. For others it is about the games available at the time of purchase. Good luck whatever you choose and happy gaming with your latest console purchase!

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