What is the most popular game of all time?

What Is the Most Popular Game of All Time?

If you have been a gamer during the last decade, you will find yourselves with a wide range of games that are pretty awesome. Nonetheless, there are games that have transcended with few modifications to become the most popular games of all time.

First off, you need to know that the classification we have made is not only based in the best selling video games, although it played a very important part we took into consideration.

And even though there are games like Detroit Become Human that can really blow your mind with its astonishing story lines where the smallest change can lead you to a totally different result, that’s not how the real popularity works.

Here’s the important points a game needs in order to qualify for the list of the most popular of all time. I will list them short and crystal clear for you.

It needs to be a best selling game. Realistically, any game that sells well need to be considered. However, there are games that sell well in a generation, but then not many people play it in the next generation -even if they find it for free.

It has to be a white or purple rated game in most cases —So almost everyone can play it. You will never find a restricted game, rated black or red, to be really popular —with few exceptions like Grand Theft Auto— for obvious reasons.

It has to be able to defy your mind without been too hard to play. In other words, it needs to present an increasing level of difficulties followed by intuitive learning where you can be out of danger or gain a new power.

But let’s not get too hung up on the “why”.

Here’s the top 5 including the most popular game of all time.

5-Minecraft. A world of cubes and boxes that delights the creative senses of players of all ages. It consists of an endless construction and creation of spaces, buildings, and all types of inanimate objects as well as creatures.

4-Gran Theft Auto. It is a game that even Achmed the dead terrorist enjoys to play. This 2001 game for play station caused a revolution of thoughts due to violent and sex scenes. As controversial as it is this game set a milestone for many other games.

3-Pokemon Go. This is an augmented reality game that took the world by surprised with amazing animal-like creatures that you need to win, capture and train.

2-Tetris. It’s been played by players of all ages since it was released in 1984. It has evolved from gray cubes and squares to beautiful colorful shapes. You might find it easy to play, but it is very difficult to win.

1-Super Mario Bros. The classic of classics since 1984 is our winner. This little Italian guy with a big mustache has a magnetic attraction on people and its music has become an iconic video game symphony.

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