Is VR here for good or is it a fad?

VR – Fad or Not?


VR or Virtual Reality, is not necessarily a brand new concept at time of writing, but it has only recently been adapted, so that people can bring the fun of VR, straight into their homes. This article takes a look at what VR exactly is, and also answers the question, is VR here for good, or is it a fad?

What is VR?

As previously mentioned, VR is short for Virtual Reality. It uses very modern technology to simulate certain environments. Games are then incorporated into these environments, creating an all new gaming experience. One moment you could be riding a roller coaster, and the next you can be fighting a horde of zombies.

Why has VR become so popular?

The great thing about VR is anything could happen, as only the imagination is your limit. It gets people standing up and becoming immersed in their environments, rather than simply holding a control pad, and sitting in front of a screen. It really is a form of creating a whole new user experience, and has created a whole lot of competition within various creators.

Here for good or simply a fad?

As with most new technologies, it will take some time to see how popular it becomes, and stays! At the moment VR is slowly becoming more available to the general public. You will see at many conventions VR being displayed, and there are several models on the market.

The good thing about VR is at its basic, it is widely affordable with basic units costing little. However if you wish to get an Oculus Rift, or a Vive at the moment, you are looking at hundreds of pounds. Lets look at points for keeping VR around, or treating it as a fad.

VR for good!

* No limit apart from imagination.
* New game play being developed constantly.
* Gamers like an immersive experience.
* VR uses the most modern gaming technology.

VR is a fad.

* The good VR sets are highly priced so not many people can afford it.
* To fully enjoy games you need a lot of space.
* VR sets stay tethered to a users console / PC.
* Motion sickness can be experienced.


Whatever your view on VR, we can honestly say that the memory of it will last a long time. It is one of the most immersive types of game play, that you can bring straight into your home. The main issue at the moment with VR is the cost, and this alone will put many people off buying a set.

So is VR here for good or is it a fad? At time of writing it was still too soon to tell. Let us all hope it stays around for a little while yet, as it certainly is fun!

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