What is compariable to an I7 from AMD?

What is comparable to an i7 from AMD?

The intel Core i7 is intel’s flagship CPU product. It’s a 64-bit CPU that contains up to eight cores and has long been the top CPU on the market. In the past, no other competitor has come close to being comparable to the Core i7, but this has changed with the introduction of a new product from AMD.

Introducing AMD’s Ryzen 7

The Ryzen 7 is AMD’s attempt to shake up the market, providing a powerful CPU at extremely low prices. This appears to be their main strategy — when comparing the prices of the Intel Core i7, the Ryzen 7 1800X is $550 less.

The AMD Ryzen 7 1800X has eight cores and is capable of 16 threads. Its base clock speed is 3.6ghz and maximum turbo core speed is 4ghz. As for cache, its L1 cache is 768kb, the L2 cache is 4mb and the L3 cache is 16mb. The AMD CPU is unlocked, providing an opportunity for overclocking for those inclined to do so.

It significantly outperforms the Intel i7 in single threaded applications, against a high clock speed quad core i7. Also, it beats the i7 7700k in multi-threaded applications. What this means, is that although the Ryzen 7 may not be ideal for gaming, it outperforms the i7 in content creation and productivity applications. This would make the Ryzen 7 a cost effective solution for those building productivity workstations.

AMD claims that the Ryzen 7’s issues with gaming performance are due to how software interfaces with their new hardware. They expect that a new wave of patches to software would solve this problem. However, until this happens it may be a while until we see the Ryzen 7 outperform the i7 in gaming.

The Ryzen 7 does have some disadvantages though. According to this review by Anandtech, the Ryzen 7 has a lower IPC. This means that clock for clock, the Ryzen 7 is slightly slower than the i7. Also, it runs at a lower clock speed than the Intel chips.

However, many people may overlook this when considering the drastic price advantage of the Ryzen 7. Particularly, businesses who need to build high-end workstations may choose to use the Ryzen 7 for their computers and save a considerable amount with their equipment budgets. Also, freelancers and solo professionals may find that the AMD Ryzen 7 provides a better bang for the buck.

As you can see, the Ryzen 7 offers a CPU comparable to the Intel i7 at an affordable cost. It outperforms in both single-threaded and multithreaded applications, making it good for content creation and workstation apps. It’s also unlocked, unlike intel CPUs, so you can potentially overclock it. If you’re looking for a good alternative to the Intel i7, consider the AMD Ryzen 7.

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