If I buy an all in one desktop, what happens if the screen breaks?

What to do if the display breaks on an All-in-one Desktop Computer

An all-in-one desktop computer is great for saving space and having far less wires to get tangled up in, but what happens if something goes wrong? Everything on an all-in-one is designed to work perfectly together until a component stops working. The display is one of the main components as without this you can’t use your computer properly.

So what to do if the display breaks on an all-in-one desktop computer?

Firstly, determine if this is a hardware or software issue. By hardware we are talking something physically wrong with the display such as it being cracked or there seems to be no power going to it. By software issue, the screen could just be locked up through a system crash or a perhaps a new device driver that has caused the display to become ‘unrecognised’.

If it’s a software problem then there is usually advice available online and the worst thing you might have to do is to re-install Windows (or whatever Operating System you have installed). Check you have the latest Windows Updates and that you have Anti Virus software installed and up to date. There are viruses that have been known to cause display issues so it is always worth checking this. Also check online forums and discussion groups for help and advice others may have posted with similar problems. The older the computer the more likelihood there is that others will have experienced problems that have been shared online.

It’s when you come to hardware problems that you might start to struggle with an all-in-one system, as it’s not as simple as just swapping the display like you would on a traditional desktop computer.

As a quick fix, check to see if there is an external monitor port where you can plug-in a traditional monitor. Perhaps it has a VGA port, or maybe a HDMI monitor input connection. If you have either of these ports and an external display that you can try then do so. You may even decide to stick with this rather than replacing the original screen.

Check the hardware warranty status to see what’s covered, or if it’s out of warranty then perhaps you have accidental damage cover with your home contents insurance. It is worth checking these options before any kind of repair work is undertaken.

Get a quote from a local computer repair shop. You could look online for ones in your area, or perhaps you know someone who could recommend one to you. Even if you don’t end up using their repair service at least you will have an expert diagnosis of what the fault is, and if it is feasible to attempt to fix it yourself.

If you are a technical person and not afraid to fix things yourself, then check how much new displays are online, although make sure you are purchasing the correct part and that it it’s definitely not under warranty so as not to invalidate it.

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