How much is the desktop pc market worth today?

How much is the desktop pc market worth today?

The price of a pc desktop in the market today is slightly lower compared to ten years ago. PC market suffered its “biggest drop in history,” according to IDC research company, which said Microsoft’s latest free level for Windows 10. The latest IDC data show that PC shipments around the world Is 71.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2015, down 10.6% on the previous year. This is the biggest drop in the market to date, exceeding the 9.8% drop in 2013. However, the research team said PC sales have experienced an increase of about six percent in the quarter 02:45 Percent in 2015 as a whole, if cabriolet 2 to 1 devices were included in the bill.

However, IDC says it has double-digit decline responses, saying it could be related to the longer lifecycle of the PC, the competition of mobile phones and tablets like the iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Windows 10 gift.

The company explained that people who saw the latest free Microsoft level as a reason to delay the purchase of new computers in the 2015 program, especially if seen in the light of the appearance of PC substitutes in 2014 after the end support For Windows XP.

Linn Huang, Director of IDC Search and Display Devices, said: “The free upgrade to Windows 10 has allowed some consumers who otherwise have bought new PCs during the summer season to get a” new PC experience. ”

“In addition, the launch of the iPad Pro may have helped consumers focus on the traditional PC.”
IDC figures show that Apple has appeared among the top five PC manufacturers around the world in 2015, sustaining 7.9 percent of the total market in the fourth quarter, up 2.8 percent from 2014, though This is not to lower iPad Pro sales.

Lenovo is the best dog, pocketed more than a fifth of all sales, though sales of its PC devices dropped by 4.5 per cent from year to year. HP was second with 19.9%, followed by Dell and Asus with 14.1% and 7.9% respectively.

Things do not look too good for the PC market at this time, but IDC is optimistic about 2016, saying shopping should resume by the end of the year. Loren Loverde, vice president of IDC Worldwide PC Tracker, said. “PC replacement is expected to resume in 2016, particularly towards the end of the year, the adoption of Windows 10 business should accelerate and consumer purchasing should stabilize in the second half of the year.

Another factor was Windows. A new version has often been the catalyst for a new round of PC purchases, but Windows 8 stifled the buyer’s enthusiasm and Microsoft has allowed existing users to upgrade their free system with Windows 10. But beyond and beyond the PCs they seem to have become, so, quite a lot these days. There is little innovation or differentiation between the different models available and buyers see some of the reasons to invest in a new model until they disappear. With that in mind, perhaps the PC could be saved from their seemingly inevitable drop in new designs or shape factors.

Of course, Intel and Microsoft have pushed for the most imaginative and stimulating PC systems designs, but it often appears that hardware manufacturers have no ambition or ability to offer anything truly innovative. Microsoft, for example, had to resort to building their own devices, the family area, to highlight the capability of a Windows tablet.

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